Monday, 16 April 2012

How Many Bloggers Can You Fit Into A Nissan Leaf Car?

Fellow local Blogger Dadda Cool is coming to the end of his two week trial driving a Nissan LEAF Electric Car. The Nissan Leaf is a 100% electrical car and drives for up to 109 miles on a single charge of around 30 minutes. Charging costs around £1.91 per time - imagine that, driving around 100 miles for about £1.91. The car reaches a top speed of 90 mph - plenty fast enough for me!

Driving an electrical car like the Nissan Leaf appeals to me as it is very environmentally friendly, although the practicalities have often made me wonder how easy it would be. After reading about Daddacool's experiences over the last couple of weeks, I have realised that electrical cars could indeed be the future! More than 80% of Europeans drive less than 100km's per day. Just 30 minutes charge will give you enough power to run around locally for quite a while. Nissan recommend that you treat your car like your mobile phone, and never let it run out of battery, so although probably not very practical for a long journey, the Nissan Leaf is great for those local every day journeys. Perhaps in the future this predicament could be resolved once electrical cars are more mainstream and charge points are readily available.  For more in depth info on the Nissan LEAF, see the Nissan Leaf Website or Daddacool's blog. 

Nissan recommend that you carry 5 passengers in your Nissan Leaf, so with that in mind, and always up for pushing boundaries of space, Alex & the St Albans Mummy Bloggers with the help of hubby's and kids, decided to see just how roomy a #NissanLeaf21 really is!


Twelve local parent bloggers conversed upon Alex's house with their hubby's and kids, and amongst much curtain twitching from the locals, we all squeezed ourselves into the Nissan Leaf Car. The Nissan Leaf is surprisingly roomy! Twelve and a half (bump) bloggers managed to squeeze ourselves into the car, and there was even room for more!

Photo 15-04-2012 16 31 13
@Beingmrsc and Her bump jumped into the driver's seat whilst @actuallymummy to the passenger sat. Claire at Being a Mummy found herself thrust into the middle of the car along with @gardenhelpers.

whilst the rest of us piled in the back.
Photo 15-04-2012 16 29 33

@CBolam, @Annieqpr and @mediocre_mum squeezed into the boot- just as well we didn't shut the door!

All in all, it was a very fun afternoon and lovely to see everyone and get to know each other ahem in close proximity! Who knew that you could have so much fun in a #NissanLeaf21?

There is actually a video here if you would like to see the video evidence.

So why did we decide to try these crazy antics? Well, Alex  is currently taking part in the Nissan Big Turn on competition to try and win a Nissan Leaf Electric car for him and his family and also to win electrical charging points for his home city of St Albans. You can vote for Alex here and if you are on twitter, please use the #nissanLEAFcar21 hashtag when tweeting about Alex and the comp as these tweets count toards Alex's chances of winning.

Disclaimer: I have not been compensated in any way for this post, just wanted to support a local blogger - please vote for Alex!


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