Friday 29 April 2011

My Royal Wedding British Trifle

What an amazing day! Kate will make a great addition to the royal family and she looked beautiful.  I loved the dress! Today was a day where I felt immensely proud to be British and proud that we have a great history of tradition which I am now able to pass on to my children – The pomp, ceremony and national anthem made me happy to be able to wave the British flag in front of the tv. My daughter (who is princess obsessed) said that the wedding was the best princess film she had ever seen and to see her learning proudly about what it means to be British bought a tear to my eye!

I decided the make a traditional British trifle to celebrate the union of the happy couple. Relishing the chance to use my pampered chef glass trifle bowl, my portions were quite big to fill the bowl.

I did cheat slightly and used ready-made trifle sponges and custard, as I wanted to enjoy the wedding rather than spending hours in the kitchen.  After watching the coverage all morning, we headed off to my friend Sharon’s royal wedding party where we had a fantastic time and my trifle went down a treat.


 2 Packets of Trifle Sponges (16 pieces)
500g Strawberries, raspberries and cranberries defrosted from frozen
100g Fresh Strawberries
 8 tbsp sweet desert wine
1 Litre Ready to serve Custard
 600ml double cream, softly whipped
Aerosol Cream to decorate
Grated milk chocolate to decorate


1) Completely cover the bottom of the trifle bowl with half of the sponges, breaking them into pieces to fit
2) Add 4 tbsp of dessert wine over the top to soak into the sponges
3) Layer half of the fruit over the trifle sponges to completely cover the trifle sponges
4) Repeats Steps one to three with the remaining sponges, fruit and wine.
5) Allow the wine to soak into the trifle sponge for 10 minutes.
6) Pour the custard over the top of the fruit and smooth over.
7) Chill in the fridge for 30 minutes or until the custard has set
8) Meanwhile, whip the double cream until it turns thick and stiff
9) When the custard has set, spoon the double cream over the custard layer and smooth over
10) Wash and cut the strawberries into halves and lay on the top as desired
11) Pipe aerosol cream on the top to decorate
12) Finish with grated chocolate curls
14) Cover and refrigerate or serve immediately.

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