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I am available on a freelance basis for Recipe Development, Menu Development/Testing and freelance Vegetarian Writing. I have found that so many Vegetarian recipes and menus are created by people who are not Vegetarian, and so the offerings are either basic (like risotto), or contain hidden non-veggie ingredients like parmesan or gelatine, which really irks Vegetarian diners. I can help you create tasty, delicious, imaginative recipes and menus which will keep your Vegetarian customers coming back time and again. Email me for more information. 

Branded Recipe Development
Most of the recipes on my website are my own creations, but here are a few I have created for different leading brands. Feel free to contact me to discuss Vegetarian recipe development for your brand.

Capricorn Somerset Goats Cheese: 
Goats Cheese and Beetroot Tart

World Foods:

Total Greek Yoghurt:

Menu Development & Testing
I have worked with a local restauranteurs and caterers to ensure their Vegetarian offerings are hitting the mark, by helping them to develop an interesting and imaginative Vegetarian menu, and taste testing and reviewing their Vegetarian offerings. I have also assisted brides in vegetarian menu planning.

Training on Catering for Vegetarians
I can also offer training to restaurant owners and staff, and caterers, on the do's and don'ts of Vegetarian dining. Along with advising on Vegetarian menu choices, and Vegetarian and non-veggie ingredients, I can also offer tips on best practice for Vegetarian catering (come on - how many of you have ever used the same utensil to serve meat and vegetarian food?). Contact me with your needs for more information.

Freelance Vegetarian Writing
Visit the Vegetarian Posts area of my website for posts I have written about Vegetarianism. You can also find more articles I have written in the Press area. Who better to write about Vegetarian issues, and Vegetarian Food than a Vegetarian?.

I am an experienced copywriter, and can provide creative and inventive copy to suit the needs of your website or publication. Contact me with your requirements.

Featured Posts
Posts labelled "Featured" are posts which I have received payment for.

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