Monday 30 January 2017

New Riverford Quick Vegetarian Recipe Box

Another fantastic offering for Vegetarians from Riverford Organic Farmers today. 

Riverford's new Vegetarian "Quick" Recipe Box. You already know how much of a fan we are of Riverford Organic Recipe bBoxes. 

There's nothing like fresh, measured out ingredients being delivered to your door with recipe cards, taking all of the thinking, stress and hassle out of cooking (now if only they offered a clearing up service too!)

Riverford's new Vegetarian Quick Recipe Box features all of the ingredients and instructions needed to make either two or three vegetarian meals from scratch. The recipes are designed to be ready to eat in around thirty minutes, great for people who want to eat well but are time-deprived - just like we are! 

The girls typically eat a main meal at school nowadays, so often I am preparing a main meal for two, meaning that these types of quick recipe boxes are perfect for us, when we have to get the kids tea and then prepare ours too!
Riverford delivered our box, with everything separated into compartments for both recipes, meaning that it's easy to see what ingredients are meant for each recipe and easy to store them together in the fridge or the cupboard. 

The two recipes in our box were Lentil, Bean and Kale Stew with Pumpkin Seeds and Pitta, and Sweet Potato Rosti with Roast Curried Sprouts, Red Onions and Poached Eggs.

Both recipes were perfect for a seasonally cold snap. First up was Lentil, Bean and Kale Stew with Pumpkin Seeds and Pitta. Personally, this was my favourite recipe. It was super easy to prepare, and the step-by-step instructions were easy to follow. In the winter, when it's cold and you want something warm to eat quickly I do sometimes find it hard to find a hearty, healthy and nourishing option. This recipe definitely ticked all three boxes. The butter beans and lentils were a great combination and I thought that adding the pesto element to the stew was a great idea as it added texture and flavour, as did the kale.

The second recipe we cooked was Sweet Potato Rosti with Roast Curried Sprouts, Red Onions and Poached Eggs. I have never tried curried sprouts before, so this was definitely a first for me. Again the recipe was very easy to follow, but if i'm honest, this did take me a lot longer to prepare than the other recipe as grating the sweet potato, making the patties and frying the rosti took me a while. I can see how this would be quicker for someone why does a lot of frying, but personally I don't tend to fry a lot of stuff, and my induction hob is a little temperamental, so this all took me a while longer. It probably took around 45 minutes to prepare, but still quicker than many other meals!

The seasonal organic veg grown on Riverford farms is the inspiration for each week's recipes, meaning that each week's box is different. I love the variety of recipes that Riverford recipe boxes provide. Every box I've had, contained recipes and ingredients that I wouldn't typically have ever tried off of my own back.I am really happy that Riverford have also now started offering "quick" recipe boxes as we don't often have much time to cook at night. 

Riverford "quick" recipe boxes are available via the Riverford website. They are priced at £24.95 for two meals and £33.95 for three.

Riverford offered us a Quick Vegetarian Recipe Box in consideration for review

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