Thursday 11 October 2012

How To Make Cheese Straws

Today I am publishing my first ever video log or "Vlog" as those in the know call it.

For my first Vlog, I am demonstrating how to make Cheese Straws. I bought a cheese straw at the bakery this week and after eating it, I wondered why I have never made them myself. Cheese Straws look really fancy and difficult to make, but actually, they couldn't be simper. They are made even more simple if you buy ready made puff pastry sheets from the supermarket. I buy ready-to-roll puff pastry quite often and then freeze it and defrost on the day I want to use it.

Cheese Straws are so quick and easy to make, and are great for an after school snack, or for making dinner a little more substantial. They are also great for whipping up if someone turn's up unexpectedly to visit and you want something impressive to give them. For Cheese Straws, it's best to use a cheese with some real flavour, or you could combine a few different flavoured cheeses. You could then also try adding herbs and spices to your cheese straws like mustard powder, paprika, parsley, basil. oregano, or even sun dried tomatoes.

Never one to miss out on the action, eldest decided that she wanted to help me make the Cheese Straws and so those are her hands in the video! I hope that you enjoy the video. I would love to hear what you think of my first Vlog!.

Here are the ingredients I used in my video

1 sheet of Puff Pastry
1 beaten Egg
100-150g Cheddar Cheese
Handful of Coarse Salt
Handful of Mustard Seeds

Here is the finished product - delicious Cheese Straws, best enjoyed straight from the oven!. What do you add to your cheese straws? What is your favourite veggie snack to make in a hurry?

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  1. Wow I can't wait to try these out - do you have any good vegetarian recipes which use tofu?



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