Friday 23 November 2012

Christmas 2012 Vegetarian Food Round-up - The Supermarket Edition

So this is Christmas..... as John Lennon sings - ok, I know it's not quite yet, but the shops are starting to get their Christmas food ranges in store and many of you are already planning your Christmas menu's. Whether you are vegetarian yourself, or you are catering for vegetarians this year, considering what to buy for vegetarians for Christmas dinner, and during the party season can be stressful. So today, I am taking the stress out of a vegetarian shop-bought Christmas by featuring some of the best vegetarian fare available in the supermarkets this Christmas

In a perfect world, I'm sure many of us would love to make all of our Christmas vegetarian food from scratch. However, in a real world, that's not always practical and Christmas should also mean time off for the household cook.

Just a quick scan of the supermarkets online food sections has surprised me as many of the supermarkets haven't even listed any vegetarian main courses in their Christmas dinner sections this year, and they haven't developed any main courses especially for the big day. However - I have found some dishes which would complement the traditional turkey on Christmas day and lots of vegetarian food to keep the party going throughout December. I have not been able to feature in-store Marks and Spencer and Morrisons food as they don't have online sections, however, most of the other supermarkets are represented. These are all my own picks and this post has not been sponsored in any way.

If you are shopping in the supermarket for vegetarians this year, remember that as well as meat and fish, many vegetarians also do not eat any products with animal rennet in. This includes pesto, parmesan cheese and other cheeses and products. Make sure that you always check the packaging - especially on cheeses to make sure food is vegetarian. The veg society produces a good fact sheet on vegetarian cheese. Vegetarians also don't eat gelatine - so be sure to check desserts to see whether they are vegetarian - you will be surprised how many desserts do contain them including Christmas trifles and mousses - I even found pork gelatine in strawberry mousse recently! - Just make sure you check the labels and ingredients when you are shopping and you can't go wrong.

So here is a selection of the best vegetarian christmas dinner and party food available in the UK supermarkets this Christmas. If you think I have missed any great dishes out, or you spot something at the supermarket that I've not featured, then I would love to hear from you so that I can add it to the list.

Enjoy your 2012 Vegetarian Christmas!

Christmas Dinner
Broccoli and Stilton Soup - Asda, £1.55 for 600g
Feta, Spinach and Tomato Tarts - Asda, £2.50 for two
Breaded Camembert  - Asda, £3.00 for two.
Baxters Mushroom Potage Soup - Tesco £ 1.69 per tin
Baxters Spicy Parsnip Soup - Tesco, £1.28 per tin
Camembert (for baking) - Tesco (finest), £2.00
Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms with butternut squash soft cheese filling - Tesco (finest), £2.50 for two
Butternut Squash and Sage Risotto Balls - Sainsburys, £1.50 for 12
Mozzarella Fingers & Cream Cheese Bites - Sainsburys, £1.50 for 12
Baby Plum Tomato and Camembert Tarts - Marks and Spencer, £6.00 for 4 (food to order)
Caremelised Onion and Goats Cheese Tarts  - Marks and Spencer, £7.00 for 4 (food to order)

Main Courses
Linda McCartney Asparagus and Leek Tartlets - Sainsburys, £1.99 for two
Linda McCartney Mushroom and Ale Pie - Sainsburys, £1.99 for two
Sweetflamed Pepper and Goats Cheese Bake - Sainsbury's (taste the difference), £2.29 for two
Quorn Garlic and Mushroom Escalopes - Tesco, £2.65 for two
Waitrose Nut Roast Wellington  - Waitrose, £2.99 for two
Higgidy Sweet Potato and Feta Pie with Pumpkin Seeds - Waitrose, £3.49 per pie

Apple and Herb Stuffing - Sainsbury's, £1.19
Chestnut and Hazlenut Stuffing - Sainsbury's (taste the difference), £1.39
Cranberry, Orange and Chestnut Stuffing - Sainsbury's (taste the difference), £1.39
Porcini Mushroom and Garlic Stuffing - Tesco (finest), £1.40
Cinnamon, Apple and Orange Sultana Stuffing - Tesco (finest), £1.40
Linda McCartney Red Onion and Rosemary Sausages - Tesco, £1,98 for 6
Quorn Pork Style and Apple Sausages - Tesco, £2.65 for 300g

Party Food

Tomato and Mozarella Quiche - Asda, £2.38
Cheese and Onion mini rolls - Asda, £1.00
Vol-au-vents (selection) - Tesco, £3.00 for 12
Brie and Cranberry Parcels - Tesco (finest), £4.00 for 10
Quorn Turkey style slices with Cranberry - Tesco, £1.60 for 100g
Brie and Craberry Filo Tarts - Waitrose, £4.99 for 12
Breaded Cheese Bites - Waitrose, £4.99 for 12
Cheese and pickled Onion Soufflettes - Waitrose, £5.99 for 12
Filo Pastry Tartlets (asst) - Waitrose, £4.99 for 12
Unearthed Spanish Potato Omelette - Waitrose, £1.49
Squeaky Bean Morroccan Style Veg Bites - Waitrose, £2.85 for 200g

Tex Mex Bean and Cheese Wedges - Asda, £2.00 per pack
Cheese and Jalepeno Crispbakes - Asda, £2.00 per pack
Brie and Cranberry Bites - Sainsburys, £2.50 per pack
Linda McCartney Butternut Squash and Goats Cheese Tartlets - Sainsburys, £1,99 for two
Cheese and Onion Potato Skins - Tesco, £2.00 for 400g
Cream Cheese Jalapeno's - Tesco, £2.00 for 8
Mozzarella Sticks and Cream Cheese Bites - Tesco, £2.00 for 12
Mini Pastry Crowns (asst)- Waitrose, £3.99 for 18

 Frozen Food from Iceland (not online)
Vegetable Spring Rolls - £1.00 for 16
Mini Loaded Potato Skins (Cheese and Jalapeno, Cheese and Onion, Spicy Tomato) - £2.00 for 12
Italian Duo Iceland (Cheese and tomato, cones, vegetable calzone cones) - £2.00 for 16
Indian Takeaway Platter (bhaji's, pakora's samosas) - 75 pieces for £5.00
Italian Platter (mozzarella sticks, pizzas and dough balls) - 50 pieces for £5.00 (35 pieces when you take out the non-veggie lasagne bites)

Food to Order
Marks and Spencer have a great Food to Order range for vegetarian party food (although their only Christmas main course on offer is vegetarian lasagne). You can view the Vegetarian Food to order here.

I hope this has been useful - do leave me a comment if it has!


  1. Always nice to see what's available-the waitrose wellingtons sound nice!

  2. Thanks Sonya for the comment - they do sound lovely don't they!

  3. I have a veggie friend coming over on Boxing day. This was really useful. Thanks :)

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