Wednesday 12 December 2012

Hotel Chocolat "Rather Large Cracker" - Review

In the run up to Christmas, it's always lovely to receive Christmas-related products to review. Hotel Chocolat kindly sent us their "Extra Large Cracker"  to review recently. When this product was delivered, I felt a small skip of joy at receiving something so exciting.

Upon opening up the packaging, I was greeted with what has to be the largest cracker I have ever seen! The Hotel Chocolat Extra Large Cracker is beautifully presented, with silver gilded decorations on a white background, and ribbons wrapped around each end - it looks really inviting and really decadent.

The Hotel Chocolat Rather Large Cracker would make a great centre piece on the Christmas dinner table, and it is a brilliant alternative to traditional crackers as it contains 12 party hats and jokes, and 40 Chocolates - so as well as working your way through some delicious well-crafted chocolates, you are also saving on extra Christmas Rubbish by only having one cracker made of card which is recyclable - so the environment wins too with this product!

All of the 40 chocolates contained within the cracker are Vegetarian. The chocolates include Champagne Truffles, pralines, and caramels, Christmas Mess, Mulled Wine, and alcoholic and non alcoholic chocolates. My personal favourite was the champagne truffle - absolutely delicious, but I also loved all of the other chocolates as they were so well made and the quality of the chocolate was outstanding.

This Cracker is a fantastic product that I would thoroughly recommend for Christmas, especially if you are entertaining over the Christmas period. The Hotel Chocolat Extra Large Cracker retails at £38 and is available in-store and online.

Disclosure: Product offered in consideration for review.

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