Thursday 10 January 2013

Featured Post: Can Vegetarians and Carnivores find a healthy balance?

Food often plays an important role in our love lives, whether we realise it or not. From the very first dinner dates to cooking for each other in a long-term relationship, if you are a Vegetarian, it's important to make sure you’re on an even footing with your partner when it comes to meal times.

Many couples have different preferences when it comes to food, but if one of you has decided to cut out all meat and the other can’t live without burgers, it may seem tricky to see the way forward. However, there are many happy couples who have, perhaps, met through a relationship site, such as Eharmony, who are happy to co-exist, even if one person is Vegetarian and the other is not. Here are some tips for getting a healthy balance in your relationship.

Talk About Your Preferences
Nowadays, there are many different diets available and the word “Vegetarian” may mean something different from one person to the next. Some Vegetarians don’t eat any meat or fish at all, some people will call themselves Vegetarians but are actually Pescatarians as they will eat fish. Some Vegetarians will try and avoid animal by products, such as rennet (the residue from a cow’s stomach, often found in cheese) and gelatine (found in jelly and other desserts). Others are comfortable wearing leather shoes. It’s good to know as much as you can about your partner’s eating habits so you both know where you stand, and so that you don't end up cooking a meal they won't eat or choosing a restaurant which doesn't serve suitable food.

Draw Your Boundaries
There are many reasons why someone may choose to become a Vegetarian. Adopting a Vegetarian lifestyle could be due to personal or political beliefs, or concerns over health and the environment. If you found your partner abroad through using international dating sites, it could be that they’re Vegetarian for religious or cultural reasons. Whatever the reason, you’ll both need to decide what you can and can’t live with when it comes to food. Some Vegetarians are fine with preparing meat for others and some cannot stand to put a sausage roll in the fridge or to even have meat in the house. Work out how you both feel and then try and compromise.

Choose Restaurants You Can Both Enjoy
These days, most restaurants can cater for even the strictest of Vegetarians so do your research in advance to find a restaurant which serves decent vegetarian meals. Most Indian. Italian, Thai and Chinese restaurants cater well for Vegetarians. Some restaurants serving more traditional fayre typically only have a couple of vegetarian choices on the menu. It's important to be flexible. If your favourite restaurant has a meagre vegetarian menu, it might be time to give it up. A bowl of chips doesn’t count as a meal!

Allow For Meat and Veggie Versions
Popular meals, such as spaghetti bolognese or lasagne, can easily be made with vegetables or a meat-substitute like Quorn. Other options could be creating meals where the meat portion can be easily substituted with something different. It can be fun to think up different recipes and try new ideas together. Who knows – the meat-eater may discover they enjoy eating vegetarian food more often!

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  1. As a previous meat eater now turned vegetarian, this resonates - particularly picking restaurants that don't just have a token veggie offering!

    I don't want to be going to a meat restaurant like Hawksmoor and just eating the veggie sides!

  2. Thanks for your comment angry vegetarian - i definitely think it's important to pick a restaurant that suits both of you. The worst date I ever went on was someone who took me to a seafood restaurant, and then preceded to eat a whole fish in front of me. There was no 2nd date!!



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