Monday 18 May 2015

Featured Post and Review: Glorious SkinnyLicious Vegetarian Soups

Today I am showcasing the perfect product to kick off National Vegetarian Week 2015, especially if you are a carnivore joining us vegetarians for the week and missing your meat already!

Glorious Foods, the makers of sauces, dips and soups recently released their range of SkinnyLicious vegetarian soups by GLORIOUS!  - a soup range full of exciting and adventurous vegetarian flavours,

All of the SkinnyLicious soups are less that 2% fat and under 150 calories per portion. That's great for those who are on a diet, or maybe just wanting to watch their calorie intake. However, one thing that Glorious has not compromised on is the taste. With delicious flavours such as "New England in Autumn", "Singapore Fling" and "Goa Express", the soup range contains interesting flavour combinations from around the world. 

Here is an overview of the different vegetarian flavours: 

San Antonio: Meat-free chilli soup, made with four bean mix and basmati rice
Goa Express: Tomato, lentils, low fat yogurt and Goan spice
New England in Autumn: Butternut squash with a hint of cumin
Persian Hug: Roast tomato soup with eastern spice, saffron and mint
Singapore fling: Crushed tomato and coconut soup with basmati rice, lemongrass (Waitrose exclusive)
Thai tuk tuk: Carrot soup infused with coconut, lime leaves and lemongrass
More Bangalore: Daal, lentil and chickpea soup with garam masala, curry leaves and mago chutney  (Tesco exclusive)
Sun kissed Sicily: Tomato and balsamic soup with roast garlic, fennel

I actually purchased some of these soups previously to being offered them for review as they looked so appetising when I saw them in the supermarket. We were sent the full range of vegetarian soups to sample. Particular SkinnyLicious favourites of ours included the San Antonio meat-free chilli soup, which definitely rivalled a delicious bowl of chilli. and the Singapore fling with it's creamy coconut flavour. Each one definitely felt like a taste of the exotic, and was different to anything I had smapled before.

The SkinnyLicious soup range makes a refreshing change to the drab, boring plain flavours of soup one is typically subjected to as a vegetarian. I absolutely loved the bold interesting flavours and was excited to sample each one. These soups are extremely filling, and absolutely delicious. You really feel like you have had a meal, and aren’t craving anything else afterward, like you might typically do with a bowl of soup. 

Glorious SkimyLicious Soups are available in all major supermarkets, and I would definitely recommend giving them a try as they are a fantastic range!

Disclosure: This is a featured post which I received payment for and products were offered in consideration for review

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