Monday 19 October 2015

Two Chicks Whole Egg: Review and Recipe

We love baking cakes in our house, although I will readily admit that I am not as good a baker as I am cook, so I am all for taking shortcuts whenever possible!

Whenever I make a cake I am typically either 1) being interrupted by two small people desperate to help or 2) running really short of time and so shortcuts or quick cheats are often really helpful to me.

I was approached to sample Two Chicks Whole Egg, a time saver which enables you use ready mixed fresh egg straight from the carton. Each carton contains ten free range whole eggs and all you have to do is pour. Two Chicks Whole Egg also saves you time, mess and ease having to crack the eggs and get them all sorted.

Two Chicks eggs are free range, pausterised, high in protein and have no preservatives. The egg keeps for up to two days after opening and is really convenient. We don't always have fresh eggs available, so this is a handy thing to keep in the fridge and it can also be frozen into smaller portions

As well as making cakes, there are lots of things that you can do with Two Chick whole egg. You could make and Omelette, Quiche or Frittata, or add it to bread, cakes or even a protein shake perhaps!

We were sent the ingredients to make a Victoria Sponge filled with Passion Fruit Cream using Two Chicks Whole Egg. The method given was simple to follow and I was very impressed using the product within the cake. It made the batter really creamy and looked really great. There was no mucking about with the egg, trying to fish the shell out of the bowl or getting mucky fingers like can happen when using egg from the shell. The cake was quick and simple to make and using the Two Chicks Egg made it a much easier recipe.

The cake was also delicious. You wouldn't have known that Two Chicks whole egg had been used over a freshly laid egg. I think that this product is a great idea and I would definitely recommend trying again as I think this would save lots of time and hassle in the kitchen and would make life easier.

Two Chicks Whole Egg is available from Waitrose. Ocado, Tesco, Sainsburys and Morrisons and retails at £3.00

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