Thursday 3 March 2016

Sunrise Senior Living & Taste of Sunrise Butternut Squash Soup Recipe!

As a Mum, I am passionate about cooking delicious food for my family and ensuring that they are eating a healthy balanced diet.

However, I realise that although I am able to cook for myself and my family at the stage of life I am in now, it might not always be the case. One day I might have to be relying on other people to cook my meals for me, and I hope that they will put as much care and attention into the food they produce for me as I do, for the food I produce for my family.

I know that many people lose their interest in food as they age. Cooking for one or two people perhaps just isn't as appealing as cooking for a whole family. It's common for older people to stop eating, or just eat minuscule sized portions.  Therefore, it's reassuring to hear that there are Senior Living Homes out there who are caring for older people, who are passionate about the food that they are serving to their residents.

Sunrise Senior Living champions the lives of elderly people through excellent care and delicious food – many of their residents have specific dietary requirements so it’s essential that all residents are presented with tantalising meals to keep them interested in food.

Sunrise Senior Living has launched their annual "Taste of Sunrise" events to showcase the delicious and nutritious meals homemade in their care homes every single day to the public.

Between 5th and 13th March Sunrise care home communities are inviting the public to meet their talented chefs, sample their delicious and nutritious food and take home a free "Taste of Sunrise" Recipe Book when they take a tour of the community. The recipe book has signature dishes designed by Michelin star chefs such as Butternut Squash and Chestnut Soup, Ginger and Marmalade Sponge and Fruity Green Smoothie.

Our local nursing home in Elstree will be hosting one of the "Taste of Sunrise" events and I would recommend going along!

Sunrise invited me to make one of their Vegetarian Recipes from the Cookery Book. I chose to make Butternut Squash and Chestnut Soup. The recipe was very quick and easy to follow, and I have included it below if you would like to have a go at making your own.

Disclosure: Ingredients offered in anticipation of Review

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