Wednesday 26 October 2011

Vegetarian News Round Up - 19th to 25th October 2011

Your Veggie Choice?

My Weekly Vegetarian News Round Up

New to The Vegetarian Experience today, is a round up of the weeks Vegetarian News. This is going to be a regular feature and so I would love to hear what you think!!!

Weds 19th October
From Wirral News
Vegetarian Christmas Cookery Course being held in the Wirral on 19th of November

From Talking Retail
Linda McCartney launches two new delicious products

Thursday 20th October 
From the BBC
South Gloucestershire Church honours St Wulfstan, Patron Saint of Vegetarians

From The Express
Gary Barlow goes Meat Free for a Month

Friday 21st October
From The Argus
McDonalds twice serves Chicken as the Vegetarian Option

Monday 24th October
From Greenpeace
Vegetarians won't change the Fishing Industry  

From The Vegetarian Experience
Corrie's Betty a Vegetarian outside of the Cobbles

Tuesday 25th October
From the BBC
Budding Young Chefs take part in Vegeterian Cookery Competition


  1. Great idea! I will be following this! Not shocked about McD's, but pleasantly surprised to hear about poor Betty.

  2. This is a great round-up, news on the veg-vine!

  3. Thanks both, thought it was quite interesting to see what is going on in the vegetarian world and have it all in one place!



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