Saturday 5 November 2011

More Tales from Goa - Arambol Beach

My friend Jo is currently living in Goa. She has previously blogged about Being a Vegetarian in Goa and is here to share more of her wonderful experiences as a guest poster today

Hi, just arrived back home in Candolim from spending four days in the North of Goa at Arambol beach.

Accommodation is cheap and ranges from bamboo beach huts to basic rooms. Most rooms having a fan, and lucky for us a hot water shower.  

The German bakery or backery as they call it not only offers a great value for money breakfast, but also an array of sandwiches, pizzas, and pastries. We are always glad when the German bakery starts up; this is the only bread we enjoy. Sliced bread in Goa is rather like Danish bread, no body to it what so ever, and usually has a sweet taste. The Goan bread roll is passable, but the white roll is very doughy and very sweet.

 Now this is proper bread:  

Cheese and mushroom toast, is always a must for me for breakfast with a cup of milk coffee. 60 rupees (less than one pound). Below is the simple breakfast menu, check out the spellings. Always a great joy reading a menu, I love the ‘bakes beaon toast’ or a favourite mushly for muesli.

Main Meals

On this stay I must say the best meals that we enjoyed the most was taken at the ‘Olive Garden.’ Great food and great service.

Organic Thali
Dal fry, a spicy lentil curry. Mixed veg that had a little kick to it, but had the consistency of a pickle. Fried vegetable rice, salad with two chapatti’s yogurt and a papad for 90 Rupees, (£1:10)

Ayurvedic Thali.
Paneer Palak (Spinach and cottage cheese curry.) saffron rice, mixed veg, Salad with 2 chapati’s and papad. Then the most amazing homemade rice pudding with sultanas. 100 Rupees. (£1.25)

 Chickpea spicy fritters, with hummus, pitta bread, and chips 130 Rupees (£1.60). John had already taken half my chips before I got the camera out!

Veggie burger
Homemade veg burger served with chips and salad 100 Rupees (£1.25)

Belly Buster Sandwich
Salad, two fried eggs topped with loads of mozzarella cheese, a side salad, and chips. 120 Rupees. (£1.50)

Paneer Tikka
Tandoori cottage cheese and vegetables, green and red peppers, mushroom, tomatoes, and onion. Chips, mixed salad and boiled rice. Far too much for one, we share with two roti. 130 rupees (£1.60) A VALUE MEAL.

Veg Jalfrazi and Veg Biryani rice.
A meal for two just under £2.00


So as you can see the choice of food is endless, cheap and we have the added knowledge that every meal is carefully presented, and pride is taken in all that they cook.

What we like about the Olive Garden is the fact that back in Himalayas, they have an Italian restaurant and hotel and so when the season starts in Goa, one of the managers and a team of his workers come and grace us with excellent food.

Looking forward to enlighting you more of the delights of vegetarian food during our stay in Goa.
Bye for now, Joanne Rawson.
Jo Rawson is a British ex pat currently living in Goa with her husband John, She is the author of "For Better, For Worse" 

Thanks Jo for sharing your experiences of food in Goa. I must say, the food looks wonderful and I am very jealous as it's much nicer than what's around for vegetarians over here!!

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