Sunday 18 August 2013

Featured Post: Five tips for Hosting a BBQ with Vegetarian Guests.

With all of this lovely weather we have been enjoying, the BBQ season is in full swing. If you haven't yet got a BBQ for the upcoming Bank Holiday, then fear not, it's not too late. BBQ stockists such as Littlewood Gas BBQ designs are great for purchasing your BBQ to celebrate the end of the summer. Often, the news that a Vegetarian will be attending the BBQ can fill the host with dread. Sometimes the "Chief Cook" may be great at cooking traditional burgers and sausages, but baulk at the idea of putting any vegetarian food on the BBQ. 

It can also be easy to pop the vegetarian food on the BBQ, alongside the meat, without taking into consideration cross contamination - especially if you are cooking for a lot of people. Or, it can be hard to think of Vegetarian options to cook on the BBQ. 

Therefore today, panic not! 

Here are some top tips for cooking on the BBQ for Vegetarians alongside cooking for the meat-eaters.

  • Although much better now, some vegetarian burgers and sausages lack the strength to stand up to an outside flame. Therefore, ensure that you buy Vegetarian Burgers and Sausages which won't break up on the BBQ, and which will actually cook on the BBQ. 
  • Vegetarians don't want their food covered in meat-juices, so make sure that you use a separate area of the BBQ, or a frying pan on the top of the BBQ to cook the Vegetarian products. You could also use a disposable BBQ alongside the main one.
  • Use different tongs to handle the Vegetarian food than you are using for the Meat options. Vegetarians do not want their food to taste of meat. Also make sure you use separate plates - don't put all of the burgers and veggie burgers together.
  • Don't just stick to Burgers and Sausages, there are lots of delicious Vegetarian alternatives - vegetable kebabs, Large, flat mushrooms drizzled in lemon juice, Mushrooms stuffed with hot cheese, wrapped in foil, Hallloumi Cheese, Corn on the cob, Jacket Potatoes, Peppers all cook well on the BBQ. Vegetarians will also eat many of the sides which accompany a BBQ - Coleslaw,salad, cucumbers, tomato, couscous, dips.
  • If all else fails, and you are not sure what to buy or cook, then ask the Vegetarian what they would like to eat - some will eat meat-substitutes, some won't. Many vegetarians will always offer to bring their own food to save you panicking in the supermarket aisles. 

I hope you found those tips useful. What is your top tip for a BBQ  for Vegetarians?

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