Sunday 15 December 2013

Vegetarian Christmas 2013: The Supermarket Roundup

Ah yes, it's that time again - time to join the race for purchasing the annual Christmas bird... unless you are vegetarian that is! Yes, if you are vegetarian or vegan, you can smugly sit back and not worry about having to fight over the supermarket fridges for the last Christmas turkey, or finding out that you should have put your order in with the butcher back in September.

Last year I featured a round-up of vegetarian food available for sale in the supermarkets over Christmas, and this year I am doing the same:

Again, many of the supermarkets haven't developed a specific christmas vegetarian meal for the big day, but I have found a few alternatives which will satisfy Vegetarians and Vegans over Christmas.

If you are shopping in the supermarket for vegetarians this year, remember that as well as meat and fish, many vegetarians also do not eat any products with animal rennet in. This includes pesto, parmesan cheese and other cheeses and products. Make sure that you always check the packaging - especially on cheeses to make sure food is vegetarian. The veg society produces a good fact sheet on vegetarian cheese. Vegetarians also don't eat gelatine - so be sure to check desserts to see whether they are vegetarian - you will be surprised how many desserts do contain them including Christmas trifles and mousses. 

So here is a selection of the best vegetarian christmas dinner and party food available in the UK supermarkets this Christmas. If you think I have missed any great dishes out, or you spot something at the supermarket that I've not featured, then I would love to hear from you so that I can add it to the list.

Enjoy your 2013 Vegetarian Christmas!

Christmas Dinner

Pumpkin Soup - Asda  - £1.60 for 600g 
Broccoli and Stilton Soup - Asda, £1.00 for 600g

Baxters Spicy Parsnip Soup - Tesco - £1.04 for 400g
Cheese and Chive Potato Skins - Tesco - £3
Brie and Cranberry Parcels - Tesco - £4
Camembert and Cranberry Parcels - Sainsburys £3
Green Jalapeno Peppers - Sainsburys £3

Main Courses

Quorn Cheese and Leek Escalopes - Asda £2.85
Quorn Family Roast - Asda - £2.50
Beetroot and Goats Cheese Roast - Asda - £2.00
Quorn Cheese and Brocolli Escalopes - Tesco - £2.00 for two
Linda Mccartney Country Pies -  Tesco - £2.49
Tesco Finest Wild Mushroom and Chestnut Roast - Tesco - £2.00
Tesco Finest Date and Walnut Slice- Tesco - £2.00
Chestnut and Cranberry Wellington - Waitrose - £5.99
Higgidy Little Moroccan Feta and Vegetable Pie - Watrose - £2.50
Squeaky Bean Crispy Bakes - Waitrose - £2.49

Glamorgan Leek and Cheese Sausages - Sainsburys £1.80

Apple and Herb Stuffing - Sainsbury's, £1.19
Cranberry, Orange and Chestnut Stuffing - Sainsbury's (taste the difference), £1.39

Party Food

Garlic Mushrooms and Dips - Asda - £2
Mini Cheese and Onion Rolls - Asda - £1.75
Camembert with Cranberry and Mulled Wine - Asda - £3
Stuffed Jalapenos - Tesco -£3
Quorn Min Savoury Eggs - Tesco - £1.60
Breaded Cheese Selection  - Sainsburys - £3
Butternut Squash and Sage Risotto Balls - Sainsburys £3
Camembert and Cranberry Parcels - Sainsburys £3
Cheese and Chive Onion Skins - Sainsburys £3.50
Green Jalapeno Peppers - Sainsburys £3
Goats Cheese and Foccacia - Sainsburys £5.00
Squeaky bean Moroccan Style Vegetable Bites- Waitrose £2.49


Mozzarella Dippers - Asda - £1.00
Vegetable Spring Rolls - Asda - £1.00
Linda Mccartney Vegetarian Sausage Rolls - Tesco -£1.55
Cheese & Garlic/Feta & Spinach Bites - Tesco - £1.99
Vegetable Spring Rolls - Iceland - £1
Mini Cheese and Tomato Pizzas - Iceland - £3
Mozzarella Sticks - Iceland - £1
Breaded Cheese Selection - Iceland - £1.50

Food to Order
Marks and Spencer have a great Food to Order range for vegetarian party food . You can view the Vegetarian Food to order.

I hope this has been useful - do leave me a comment if it has! Please also let me know if you find any other delicious Christmas Vegetarian Offerings!


  1. Marks & Spencer Mushroom en Croute is my recommendation. To be honest, if it isn't nut roat, it'll do.

  2. Why do you list "Iceland 12 Mozzarella Sticks" and "Iceland Party 24 Mini Cheese & Tomato Pizzas" as vegetarian?

    Iceland sell other products in the same ranges that clearly state they are suitable for vegetarian (e.g., "Iceland 16 Vegetable Spring Rolls" - same range as the Mozzarella Sticks), but these two products do not. There are ingredients inside them that are questionable (could be derived from animal origins) - why did Iceland avoid putting their "suitable for vegetarian" badge on these products but not on others?

    As much as I love these products, I have had to avoid them from Iceland this year.

    Did you contact Iceland and get them to verify that they are vegetarian?



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