Thursday 10 April 2014

Barber's 1833 Vintage Reserve Cheddar: Review and Giveaway

As a Vegetarian, but also a big Cheese lover, buying cheese can sometimes be a bit of a minefield as not all cheddar cheese is Vegetarian, and you often have to decipher between what is and what isn't. It's typically even harder if you go out for dinner and are served cheese, and then have to clarify exactly what the cheese contains.

Recently I was sent some Cheddar Cheese to review from Barber's, the world’s oldest Cheddar producers. I was pleased to discover that Barber's Cheddar Cheese is rennet free and so is absolutely suitable for vegetarians.Hailing from Somerset, with over one hundred and eighty years experience passed down through six generations, Barber's Cheddar is left to mature for at least twenty four months. It's evident in the flavour that the cheese has been produced in such a high quality way. The cheese is soft, but crumbly and nutty, and it tasted really mild and creamy, even though it was mature. You would never tell it was vegetarian friendly.

Although the cheese tastes absolutely fantastic on it's own, to help us all use their cheese more effectively, Barber's has produced a series of video recipes, which are great for getting some cooking inspiration.

I was sent the ingredients to make Spinach and Cheese Souffles (follow the link for a recipe). I have never actually made a souffle before, so it was useful to be able to watch the video below before I embarked upon making my souffles. I don't think I did too badly!! They took a little longer to cook than I had thought, but I think that my oven may not have been hot enough.

Youngest definitely enjoyed the souffles as she scoffed down three one after the other!! Here she is in her own words!!

I was really impressed with Barber's Cheddar, and will definitely be buying more of it. Don't take my word for it about how good this cheese is though, because you could be about to win some!! In association with Barker's I am offering a competition for one reader to win Six packs of Vegetarian Barber's 1833 cheese.

You can enter the competition via the Rafflecopter competition here

Disclosure: I was sent Barber's Cheese to review. All opinions are my own. Prize winners details will be passed to Barber's PR contacts who are responsible for issuing the prize.

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