Tuesday 21 October 2014

Featured Post: HouseTrip UK Vegetarian/Vegan "Where to Eat" Guide

I love travelling, and especially enjoy indulging in a city break with the family. I also love eating out when we go away, however finding places to eat with good vegetarian food when you are travelling can be a bit like searching for a needle in a haystack. The Vegetarian Menu in restaurants can be so hit and miss, and so sometimes it can be tricky to decide where to go and eat. 

Recently I was introduced to a new eating guide from HouseTrip UK, one of Europe’s leading home rental companies. They have published an exclusively vegan and vegetarian ‘Where to Eat’ guide for London, Berlin and Paris and will hopefully be adding more cities in the future.

I think that this is a fantastic idea, as it enables you to research places to eat before you travel to your city of choice, and plan where you are going to eat. It also gives you an idea of how much your meal might cost for those traveller's who may be more budget conscious.

You can view the guide in "Location View", which helps you to work out what restaurants are near to the part of the city, or the sights you are visiting. In Location view, you can search by "best for families", "best for occasions", and "vegan". You can also view the guide in "Directory View", enabling you to peruse all of the restaurants, and search them A-Z. The website also gives a picture, bio of the restaurant, and top tip. It also includes links to their website, so there is lots of information included to help you make your choice of restaurant.

The London Guide is clearly well researched as it features some of my favourite London Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants including The Gate, Tibits, and Mildred's.

I would thoroughly recommend taking a look at the HouseTrip UK Vegetarian and Vegan ‘Where to Eat’ guide for London, Berlin and Paris as it is a great resource for those who like to eat out when they travel, but may be struggling to find meat or fish free restaurant options.

Disclosure:I received payment for this post. Please see my Featured Post Policy

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