Wednesday 4 March 2015

Featured Post: - Tesco Vegetarian Wines

The age old adage of red wine for meat, white wine for fish often misses vegetarians by a mile, because of course, what wine do you serve if your meal doesn’t actually contain meat or fish? Sometimes as a vegetarian it can be tricky to know what wine to serve with your food!

Even if you have found the perfect wine, how do you know that it is actually a vegetarian wine? “What do you mean? – surely all wine is vegetarian!!” I hear you cry! Well actually, no... it isn’t! Thankfully, Tesco have now made it easy for consumers to find Vegetarian Wine by creating a whole section on their website dedicated to Vegetarian Wines.

We also often assume that all wine must be vegetarian since surely there is no meat or fish in wine? However, sometimes animal-derived ingredients may have been used in the production process of wines in order to improve the finished product, which renders them unsuitable for a vegetarian or vegan diet.

Animal products used in the production of wines may include gelatine, isinglass (made from fish bladders) or even bulls blood in some countries!! Alternatives to animal products include bentonite - a clay mineral which will clarify the wine. With all fining agents, often traces of the material remain in the finished product, although they are often undetectable, so some vegetarians may not feel comfortable knowing that the glass of wine they are drinking contains some kind of animal product.

Some vegetarians may not mind reaching for any bottle of wine, whilst others may want to ensure that their wine is either vegetarian or vegan. With Tesco’s new search function, you can now do just that!

I think all of us vegetarian wine drinkers can now sleep a little easier at night knowing this information!

Disclosure: This is a Post written for Tesco which I received payment for

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