Wednesday 4 May 2011

Cakerella Cupcake Decorating Masterclass

I recently had the pleasure of attending a cupcake decorating master class run by Emma Penn, a fabulous local cake maker/Cake Artiste from Cakerella, St Albans. Emma makes bespoke, handmade organic cakes and cupcakes and having tried them, I can hand on heart say that her cakes are absolutely delicious.   Emma’s cakes are really innovative and unique.  Her many different designs are tailor made to the recipient of the cake.  She is a member of the British Sugarcraft guild and so is able to decorate her fabulous creations using a wealth of sugarcraft techniques.

You can see some her fabulous creations here 

During the cupcake decorating masterclass, Emma gave us all a crash course on different types of icing and showed us some techniques, including how to insert a filling inside cupcakes and how to create different icing and decorating effects.  Having learnt the basics, we then set to work decorating our own cupcakes.  I really enjoyed decorating my cupcakes.  I chose the traditional cupcake swirl to decorate both, and added jam in the middle.  I went a bit crazy with the decorating glitter - who knew that edible glitter existed?  The results were nowhere near Emma’s skill, but not bad for a first try I would say!  It also made a welcome change from taking cupcake decoration tips from my four year old who is apparently the only person allowed to decorate cupcakes in our house!

Emma’s decorating masterclasses are fab and would be a great thing to do with a bunch of your local mummy friends as a daytime activity or may be over a few classes of wine at night.  They are also great for hen or girlie activities (There were a few boob cakes with nipple tassles made during our class!)  So if you fancy learning a few cake decorating tips, or have an occasion coming up which requires buying cakes, get in contact with Emma through her website and order one of her fabulous cakes. 

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