Wednesday 25 May 2011

Vegetarian Quorn Chicken Salad

On the third day of National Vegetarian Week, here is a delicious salad to sample.  A simple salad makes the perfect meal for a sunny day. The Quorn Chicken adds flavour to the salad and provides contrast to the Edam cheddar.

To dress this salad, I used a Balsamic Vinegar reduction which is a delicious ingredient from the My Secret Kitchen Range It is made using pomegranate molasses for sweetness and so provides a uniquely intense flavour.  

If you are a meat eater, why not try replacing your sandwich meat this week with a packet from the range of Quorn vegetarian deli slices?

1 Lettuce
½ Cucumber
200g Baby Tomatoes
1 Pack Quorn Chicken slices, sliced thinly
100g Edam Cheese sliced thinly
Grated Vegetarian Parmesan
Balsamic Vinegar Reduction (My Secret Kitchen)

Serve with warm Ciabatta Bread


1)    Wash and prepare the Lettuce.  Tear into small strips and place in a bowl
2)    Slice the cucumber and position around the edge of the bowl in a circle
3)    Repeat with the tomatoes either whole or halved
4)    Slice the Quorn Chicken and Pile on top of the lettuce in the middle
5)    Slice the Edam cheese and place on top of the Quorn Chicken
6)    Sprinkle vegetarian grated Parmesan over the salad
7)    Drizzle with the Balsamic Vinegar Reduction and serve.

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