Saturday 9 July 2011

Vegetarian/Vegan Pet Hates

This is a mini rant which has been brewing for a while, but after a weekend of rubbish menu options for vegetarians, I have decided to post it. Even though I am vegetarian, I wouldn't say I am a massively fussy, but it seems that sometimes vegetarians are treated as second class citizens. Vegetarians get one menu option and if you don't like the veggie option, then eat some fish and shut up is apparently the general consensus!

So here are some pet hates from my fellow vegetarians and I. Thanks to people on Twitter, friends and Herts Vegetarian/Vegan group members for contributing their pet hates.
  1. People who assume that as a Vegetarian, you eat chicken - NO!!
  2. Do you eat Fish????? ARGH!!! the F-word. Please think of something else to say, for example "that's really great, I really admire your ethical stance".
  3. Vegetarians who cant resist bacon/kebab/burger - you are not a true Vegetarian!
  4. Vegetarians/Vegans who wear leather/fur - Seriously?
  5. People who automatically think that you are Vegetarian for "political reasons" and therefore you automatically think meat eaters are evil.
  6. People who think its funny to tell you how much meat they love to eat or tell you they think you are doing a great job being Vegetarian/Vegan, but they couldn't do it themselves.
  7. The Vegetarian option in restaurants always being an afterthought.
  8. People who automatically scan the restaurant menu for Vegetarian dishes and then tell you what you can eat - I can read and I don't tell you what to eat!
  9. Pasta bake. This is not an acceptable Vegetarian alternative  when dining out. It is LAZY. Call yourself a chef??
  10. The Vegetarian option being served with meat gravy.
  11. When the veggie option is pasta with bland tomato sauce.
  12. Vegetable Wellington on Wedding Menus - frozen food cop out.
  13. Menu options such as Stuffed peppers, Goats Cheese Risotto, Vegetable Curry, Spinach & Ricotta Cannelloni - yuck!!
  14. The frozen Vegetarian option - bleurgh!
  15. Non vegetarian Roast Potatoes. This is an argument I have with my family every year and I just don't understand why they still insist on doing it (i.e. basting the potatoes in turkey fat) even though it really upsets me that I can't eat a simple roast potato.
  16. Deserts with gelatine in. Always such a disappointment. Finally a course with a greater chance of a choice on the menu, but once again Vegetarians are not free to order anything on the list, but have to check if there are any hidden nasties. Cheesecake does not need to have gelatine! 
What are your Vegetarian pet hates?


  1. Yep, that covers most of them I think. Though I do like a bit of spinach and ricotta cannelloni. I don't make it at home as nobody except me likes it, but then the veggie option one when you are out is normally the frozen type. I can spot processed food a mile away! Would be lovely to go somewhere and have something freshly prepared.

  2. I don't eat from our (school) canteen anymore as their menu (if you can call it that) is poor to say the least. More importantly their Hygiene is shocking I've seen them put meat next to "veggie" stuff same tray no dividers and also use a ladle for peas and it touches the gravy on the plate and of course they just put it back in the tray of peas for the next customer. I've been ill so many times. Also when the Jamie Oliver thing was going on I kept getting told off for asking for Mash and beans "You can't have that....".
    I have heard most of your points too while at restaurants which has stopped me eating out. Just can't trust them.
    *rant over* :D

    1. Oh heck yes! Stayed in a Holiday Inn last summer. No veggie sausages available as apparently they have to be pre-ordered when booking! I agree about the use of tongs, spoons etc too. The bean spoon, scrambled egg spoon etc - all mixed up with the sausage and bacon tongs etc. Yuck.

  3. The teasing bugs me more and more. I have had bosses gloat about their food as if it is funny, it is just rude. Or people who tell me I am harming my kids. We also deal with food allergies so we don't eat out anymore but I have been offered bacon on a veggie burger before. Oh, and I get frustrated when the response to, "why did you put chicken in my salad?" is "pick it off."

  4. That bugs me too - pick it off - no thanks, don't put it on there in the first place!!

  5. People that make excuses!!!! "I would be a vegetarian BUT" im aneamic / i really like chicken blah blah blah vegetarianism is NOT CONVENIENCE it is DOING THE RIGHT THING UGH!!!

    And "ugh don't you just miss bacon"? FUCKING FUCK OFF

    1. Yes! Know just what you mean....I usually reply with the fact ive donated numerous pints of blood whilst being a vegetarian. Also had two VERY healthy pregnancies and two very healthy babies as a vegetarian!! As formissing bacon..never give it a thought hehe :)

  6. Oh gosh yes...all the corkers are right there! My latest rant is about the price of bland uninteresting veggie alternatives in restaurants. I am the only veggie in my circle of friends and we recently went for a meal. It was carvery day...oh joy...but I was assured there were 2 veggie options on the menu. The one I chose sounded yummy but surprise was unavailable. The alternative was a circle of puff pastry 8cm across,with a miniscule sprinkle of mozzarella and topped with slices of beetroot. Cost...£12. My meaty pals however had an all-you-can-eat carvery, all the trimmings...plates piled high...cost £6. Pah! Anyone else found this problem?

  7. thanks for commenting all. Yes anonymous - that does annoy me. recently went to brasserie blanc during christmas period. Everyone else tucked into a huge plate of food, I got a measly bowl of runny risotto for the same price - yuck!



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