Wednesday 27 July 2011

Veggie News: Vegetarians urged to spill the beans in a new survey

From The Grocer:

Vegetarians, vegans, caterers and former veggies are being urged to express air their views on not eating meat in a new survey.

The Vegetarian Society has commissioned the Big Veggie Survey to highlight the difficulties vegetarians face – and identify solutions.

The questionnaire, which is available online until 3 September, is also aimed at carers, teachers and even meat-eaters that may be interested in converting.

“The Vegetarian Society has been supporting and representing vegetarians for more than 160 years so it’s tempting to think that we must have all the answers already,” said the society’s chief executive, Dr Jon Green.

“But with vegetarians, vegans and others who have an interest in vegetarianism coming from all sorts of different perspectives, it’s vitally important for us to check in every so often to find out what people really think.”

You can take part in the survey here

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