Friday 3 January 2014

Funny Food Faces for Lunch

I am a firm believer in a buffet style offering for lunch and allowing the girls to choose what they put in their plate. I think it leads to better eating habits and more sensible portion sizing. The girls love to choose the food that they will put on their plate during meal times. This lunchtime, they chose pitta bread, roule, quorn slices, and onion rings.

It started with the onion rings. The four year old who has a rather impressive imagination exclaimed that the onion rings looked like eyes. Before I knew it, she had created a creative food masterpiece on her plate, centered around the onion ring eyes. Youngest made an alien and an elephant and eldest made a little girl with bunches.

Today we are still trying to use up Christmas leftovers before the next shop, so our lunch was a little devoid in the vegetable department, which are typically great for making food faces, but I am going to get them to create some vegetable shaped ones soon

It was lovely to see them getting creative with their food and making pictures out of them. Funnily enough, they ate every scrap of their creations. When you give the control of the food over to them, I really do think it encourages them to think more about what they are putting in their mouths!

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