Friday 10 January 2014

Review: JUST EAT Takeaway Delivery Service

Even though I am avid home cook, as I have said before, everyone has nights when cooking a meal is the last thing that they feel like doing, and reaching for the phone or internet seems like a tantalising option. . 

According to research, the average person orders twelve takeaways per month - that's around 151 a year for men, and 126 per year for women. Chinese has now overtaken Fish and Chips as the nation's favourite takeaway. With the introduction of online ordering, until recently, it was the case that only major eateries had an online presence - and Pizza tended to be the only thing you can order, but now with the development of new third-party online takeaway services, smaller, independent retailers are now able to maintain a web-presence, and appeal to a wider audience.

We were invited to review JUST EAT Takeaway Service- one of the UK's most well known third party take away operators. Over the Christmas period, bored of the traditional festive offerings, Hubby and I decided to opt for a grown-up takeaway when the kids had gone to bed. A grown-up takeaway affords us a wider range of food choices, whereas the kids will only really eat Pizza or food from there Chip Shop.

JUST EAT asks you to create an account, which enables you to receive offers and promotions, re-order saved meals, and leave customer reviews. After logging onto the site and entering our postcode into the search box, we discovered that there are around eighteen takeaway suppliers in our area offering the JUST EAT Takeaway Service. Some charge for delivery and some don't. There was a good range of foods on offer including Pizza, Pasta, Chinese, Indian, Thai and Kebabs.

It was easy to look through JUST EAT and browse the various different eatery options. You can order them by distance, or user rating, you can also select by cuisine. There was definitely an abundance of vegetarian options, so us vegetarians or vegans would be spoilt for choice deciding which kind of food we would like to eat.  We decided to go for the Indian restaurant with the best reviews, which was quite close to our house. The full menu was available on Just Eat and so we were able to easy select dishes and see the price.

Although our regular favourite Indian Takeaway wasn't on the list, we decided to go for "Sahara" in Hemel Hempstead - one of the Indian Takeaways which offered the Just Eat service. I liked the fact that you are able to read customer reviews on Just Eat and see what others think of the service, as customer reviews are a big deciding factor for me when I am eating somewhere new. You can also pre-order if you would like to, which I think is a great idea, especially if you are short of time before you want to eat. We went for our usual Indian offerings, a Veggie Korma for me and a Chicken Tikka for hubby, served with with Pilau Rice, Peshwari Nanan, Onion Bhajis, Aloo Gobi, and Poppadoms.

It was very easy to select and make our order online, and the payment process was also very slick. You can either pay cash on delivery, or pay by card using Visa, Mastercard, or Maestro. We were quoted a waiting time of about fifty minutes, which I thought was quite reasonable. The food actually took around forty minutes to be delivered, and when it arrived, it came piping hot and smelt amazing!

We were really impressed with how the food was packaged, and how good it tasted as we tucked in. This Indian is definitely a contender to add to the list of eateries we like. The Aloo Gobi was especially noteworthy, as was the Vegetable Korma with an array of different vegetables included.

I would definitely use the  JUST EAT Takeaway service again. Actually, I think the fact that it is so easy to use could be a big temptation on the nights that I really just don't fancy cooking. The ease of use and service provided is a big bonus.  I would definitely recommend trying out the service in your area and seeing what you think.

Disclosure: We received a complimentary credit to review the service. 

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  1. Love the new banner Clare, it looks great and yes just eat is handy for those nights!



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