Friday 11 May 2012

Blog Camp UK: The first rule of Blog Camp is:

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The first rule of Blog Camp is...... Eat Cake!! about BlogCamp in a timely manner....

Well not really, and it's not as if the evil overlord lovely Sally is standing over me to blog about blog camp, but three weeks has elapsed, I have been ridiculously busy, and I have realised that I did not blog about the wonderful day I spent on the 21sth of April at Blog Camp. There are lots of wonderful posts you can read if you want detailed accounts of the day, but I am just going to mention a few highlights for me.
  1. First an foremost was the opportunity to get to see all of the fellow bloggers I have met or become friends with through cyberspace and in real life over the last year. I cannot tell you how excited I was the night before Blog Camp. I was like a child on Christmas Eve and couldn't sleep because I was so excited about waking up the next day to go to blog camp!
  2. I have never really considered my blog as a "brand" but it was really interesting to hear Muireann from Bangs and a Bun, who I heard last year at Blog Camp speaking about how to develop your blog into a brand. I hope that over the next year, my blog will indeed become a brand as changes are afoot!
  3. Phil (aka The Red Rocket) led a really interesting session on making the leap over to a self-hosted blog. Very interesting for me as I now have my own domain name and am currently dipping my toes in the scary world of self-hosted sites and word press themes.
  4. The whole follow/no follow debate was big a few weeks ago and the dust is slowly beginning to settle. It was really interesting to hear perspectives from old and new bloggers and I guess this is one of those scenarios where making your own decision and doing what is best for your individual blog is the way to go.
  5. I picked up some really good tips about a good PR/blogger relationship from the forum session held at the end of the day. Maintaining a good relationship with PR's is really important for bloggers!
It was lovely to see so many bloggers at Blog Camp - those I know well and those I met on the day. The talent in the room was simply amazing! Thanks to Sally, Phil and Kat for organising a fantastic event. Thanks also to my travelling companions Being Mrs C and Narrowboat wife for keeping me awake on the drive there and back! I can't wait for the next blogcamp!


  1. Great to read this Clare - wasn't it a good day!

    Charlotte @gofreecakes

  2. it certainly was Charlotte and so lovely to see you and meet Jayne!

  3. Ooh I am thinking of self hosted too when I have time to sort it out! :-)

  4. It was lovely to meet you too, it was a lovely day!



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