Tuesday 30 August 2011

Guest Blog from Heidi at My Secret Kitchen

Hi my name is Heidi Roberts and I blog over at Heidi Roberts Kitchen Talk .  

I was asked to guest blog for The Vegetarian Exerience and I thought you might like an introduction to My Secret Kitchen  and a couple of its best selling products. All of the My Secret Kitchen products are vegetarian 

My Secret Kitchen (MSK) is the UK’s only home food tasting company and Consultants like myself bring everything you need to have a successful tasting event to your house.  All you do is get your foodie friends to your house and give them a drink, and I do all the rest.

On a typical evening I would put a selection of the products out with appropriate crackers, carrots, wafers or whatever helps taste the items. We would go through the ingredients and the recipes that you can create from each product as it is being passed around the group. The idea is to inform everyone in a calm and collected way but let me tell you it soon gets chaotic and everyone talks at once and some people get very opinionated. Food will do that to a group of people!!

I always let guest know how they can host a food tasting in their own homes and also inform everyone about the opportunity of doing what I do and becoming a My Secret Kitchen consultant. Everyone is given to opportunity to order their selection of products which are delivered to the Host in approximately a week.

Well, that’s the snapshot of a tasting – now for something about a few of my favourite products and the new ones coming 1st September.

One of our most popular is the Jumping Jack Chilli Jam – a sweet-n-savoury onion chutney spiked with red chillies and Kentucky bourbon.  It is great with cheese and biscuits but makes a great addition to onion gravy, stocks and stews. It is not too hot but has a nice after warmth.

Balsamic Reduction is another favourite, a reduction of balsamic vinegar from Modena and pomegranate molasses without colourings or caramel flavourings as found on many supermarket shelves. A drizzle of this on grilled halloumi cheese,  blue cheese, salads or pizza brings them to life. And don’t forget to try it with fresh strawberries!!

For those with a sweet tooth we have Maple Caramel Sauce. This is the best sauce ever and goes on ice cream, rice pudding, any pudding or best yet right off the spoon!! Warm it up and add to custard for a great topping for bananas or mix with slightly whipped double cream and freeze and experience the ultimate ice cream. this product for yourself.

Our tasting events are the perfect way to sample our products – and are a great excuse to get all your friends together for a good time at home.

Those are a couple of our older, favourite products but as of 1st September we will have a couple of new additions to the MENU magazine such as White Wine & Porcini Mushroom Finishing Sauce and our new Chocolate Peppermint Sauce which is perfect for Christmas!

If you want to try these or any of our other products book a tasting at your home with your friends, family and neighbours.  Contact me on Twitter @walpolegirl or @HeidiMSKstalban or Facebook Heidi’s Secret Kitchen.  I look forward to introducing you to My Secret Kitchen.

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