Monday 1 August 2011

Joe Delucci's Gelato Review

This week, we popped along to The Mall in Luton to do some shopping and also with the intention of sampling some Joe Delucci's Gelato, which I was offered the opportunity to review via Fuel my blogBoth of my girls were excited about the prospect of actively being encouraged to sample ice cream for once rather than having to badger me for it!

It was a warm, sunny day, which meant perfect Gelato eating weather. As a family, we often cruise with an Italian cruise line and have always enjoyed the huge variety of flavours of gelato/ice cream offered on board rather than the more traditional vanilla/strawberry/chocolate you tend to get offered in this country. So we were very excited to see what Joe Delucci's had on offer. 

The lady serving on the stand was very amenable and gave us the opportunity to sample some flavours before deciding on what we would buy. The display looked delicious - so many colours and flavours to choose from!


Over 31 flavours to choose from in fact according to the Joe Delucci's website. I sampled a few flavours including pineapple - which contained real pineapple bits, madagascan vanilla which was lovely, banana which was smooth and creamy and the flavour of the day - cherries and cream - divine!. I also tried the chocolate flavour - rich, velvety and bursting with chocolate.
We chose two double scoop cups - Strawberry and Raspberry 

and Coconut and Caramel.

The Strawberry and Raspberry were part of the Sorbet range which are Dairy, Fat and Gluten free.  

The Sorbet flavours tasted tangy and fruity. The sorbets were packed with fruit and melted in the mouth. Personally, they were a little too sweet for me, although my daughters really enjoyed eating them.  

The Coconut and Caramel flavours are part of the Gelato range

The coconut ice cream was pure white and contained real coconut pieces. It tasted absolutely delicious - almost like drinking pure coconut milk. I really love coconut ice cream and this was much nicer compared to other brands that I have tasted. The caramel ice cream was golden also tasted very creamy and luxurious. It was the right amount of caramel flavour, without being too sweet and sickly.

Joe Delucci's gelato is made using fresh fruit and natural ingredients blended with Piemonte milk (or sometimes even water) as opposed to the heavy cream used in traditional British ice creams. This makes for a far more intense flavour experience.

Typically, ice cream contains between 16-30% fat. Joe Delucci's Gelato contains only 0-12%, so it is a lot healthier and better for you than other ice creams, without compromising on the taste. As Joe Delucci's gelato is low in fat and contains lots of fruit, I would be more likely to buy this for my kids than other ice cream if the choice were offered. 

I would definitely recommend sampling some Joe Delucci's gelato if you have an outlet near you. The ice cream is really delicious and the flavours really get the tastebuds going.

A double scoop of Joe Delucci's gelato costs around £3. There are also Milkshakes and Soft drinks available for purchase.

Joe Delucci's have stores situated throughout Britain, with more opening all the time.

*Disclaimer: Product offered for review consideration via Fuel my Blog

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  1. When we lived in Milan, Italy we found the best gelateria near our house. I have never had chocolate ice cream like it since!! Heidi Roberts



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