Monday 29 August 2011

Vintage Inns Vegetarian Choice Review -

Staying in a hotel tonight with very sporadic internet access, so here is a very brief round up of my visit to a Vintage Inn chain pub in Preston tonight.

Vegetarian main course choice on the main menu: One. Rissotto - yuck yuck yuck, pet hate, yuck, and a special of Red Pepper and Mushroom pie.

  1. Minestrone Soup - told it was vegetarian and it wasn't. 
  2. Crispy Mushrooms - served with lettuce so wet that it made the mushrooms soggy and garlic sauce which actually tasted more like grainy mustard.
Waitresses - so not on the ball.  One couldn't get our drink order right and served us dinner without cutlery, the other missed my husband out on sauces and dessert - so he took umbridge and went without, causing a bad mood.

Red Pepper and Mushroom pie was ok but nothing to write home about and not worth the price tag. Can't believe that yet again there is only one vegetarian dish on the main menu.

Looks like Vintage Inns are another place not good for vegetarians. 

1 comment :

  1. I'm just looking at a Vintage Inn menu for the Cowherds in Southampton and can't find a single vegetarian main course. If there are veggie options available I certainly don't think this is clear. There is a sandwich though (!) which I suppose I'll be having! I object, on principle, on going to pubs which make little effort to cater for vegetarians.



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